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British Revolutionary War Uniform

Any Majesty would be quite impressed whith this handsome British Revolutionary War Costume! This British Revolutionary War Costume is perfect for stage, film productions and Revolutionary War reenactments. Uniform includes British Redcoat coat, vest & knickers costume. In red bagardine with white and blue trim. White gabardine vest & knickers with gold buttons. Add our Revolutionary War flintlock muskets, pistols, swords and other Revolutionary War accessories and you will have them yelling, "The Redcoats Are Coming" for sure! Available in Sizes Small Medium and Large. (Hats, gloves, sword, shoe buckles & wigs shown are not included)

If you don't see the costume or uniform you were hoping to find here in the 1ABCStore Yahoo Store, contact us! We supply hundreds of other styles of costumes and uniforms at great prices!

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British Revolutionary War Uniform
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